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Morocco is seeing an alarming rise in the number of babies abandoned by single mothers. Social prejudice and outdated legislation are some causes for the problem.The Swiss citizen Hansjörg Huber constructed an entire village Dar Bouidar near Marrakech where in April 2015 the first 10 children were happily admitted for comprehensive education and rehabilitation. Gottfried Huss is a member of the association and visited the village several times.

He examined all children Janaury 2016. He supports Dar Bouidar and would like that others join him. Pediatricians with French speaking capacity are welcome to work in Dar Bouidar for up to 4 weeks. the visiting doctors will attend the local population in mobile health campaigns. A recent agreement with the health ministry was signed containing the details of the cooperation. 

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Autumn meeting 2017 will take place in Velenie Slovenia


The European Confederation for Primary Care Paediatricians has adopted and adapted the Global Pediatric Curriculum for primary care residency training in Europe.
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We began discussing the feasibility of global standards for training and assessment. If this were possible, through collaboration with the global pediatric community, the outcome could be a dramatic improvement in the quality of care we provide to the world's children.
--Dr. Alfred Tenore
Chair, GPEC