Controversy about early detection of hip dysplasia- ECPCP survey now online

Early detection of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) - different approaches in selected European countries.

Diagnosis and early detection of developmental dysplasia of the hip DDH continue to be controversial. German- speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and some other countries (Hungary, Czech Republic) have a nationwide ultrasound screening program for all infants using the Graf technique. Other countries for example France and Spain and many Anglophone countries first use clinical examination plus selective ultrasound examination for children with risk factors or clinical abnormalities. It is unclear why these different approaches exist. There is limited evidence about the cost - effectiveness comparing the different approaches in the countries. The data are insufficient to show how the screening technique reduces the cases of DDH that require surgery.

The small survey shows the diagnostic approaches in 11 European countries

Hopefully future studies will show how other paediatric health services perform the screening of DDH and which is the best.

Christine Magendie, Shimon Barak, Andreas Werner, Gottfried Huss, Mario Schuhmacher, Working group prevention/ vaccination ECPCP.

We would like to thank all colleagues for their contributions.

The document is online now in order to stimulate the discussion in our next meeting.