Switzerland - Member Organization

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Pädiatrie

Société Suisse de Pédiatrie

Società Svizzera di Pediatria

Swiss Society of Paediatrics

Journal (available in German and French): PAEDIATRICA




Dr. Nicole Pellaud

rue de l'Hôpital 15
Case postale 1380
1701 Fribourg

Phone: +41 026 350 33 44
Fax: +41 026 350 33 03
E-mail: secretariat@noSpam.swiss-paediatrics.org
Website: www.swiss-paediatrics.org

Delegates to ECPCP

Dr. Mario Schuhmacher  ( Representative in EC )

Dr. Jan Teller ( Deputy Representative)


Deputy delegates

Dr. Sylvia Gschwend-Eigenmann

Dr. Caroline Hefti-Rütsche 



  • Number of members of organisation: 1.462
  • Number of Primary Care Paediatricians in the organization: 978
  • Total number of paediatricians in the country: 2.539


Last changes: 24.9.2015 




Autumn meeting 2017 will take place in Velenie Slovenia


The European Confederation for Primary Care Paediatricians has adopted and adapted the Global Pediatric Curriculum for primary care residency training in Europe.
Download the Primary Care Curriculum...

We began discussing the feasibility of global standards for training and assessment. If this were possible, through collaboration with the global pediatric community, the outcome could be a dramatic improvement in the quality of care we provide to the world's children.
--Dr. Alfred Tenore
Chair, GPEC