What we want

What we want… some of our objectives

  • that all aspects of United Nations children’s rights convention are implemented - especially children’s rights to healthcare independent of race and origin, the right for protection from abuse and neglect, the right to receive health promotion and prevention of avoidable diseases through immunization
  • that other aspects of child rights originating from the United Nations convention such as the right for privacy, informed consent and adequate pain avoidance and reduction are respected in hospitals and ambulatory care
  • that all European states ratify the United Nations children’s rights convention and have an independent children´s rights representative in the parliament
  • that the paediatricians who work in the community and in primary care in many European countries will be maintained and will not be replaced by providers with less specific Training
  • that the accepted and proven components of child services in Europe will be preserved because simple replacement of primary care paediatricians can result in a decrease of service quality and less satisfaction among families
  • that those paediatricians who are trained and experienced for their work in the community will hold the reins as coordinators for health care of children and adolescents and will not be replaced by general practitioners
  • governments should recognize the proven benefits of trained providers in ambulatory paediatrics and should give priority to the children and adolescents
  • governments should care for the preservation and the further development a competent workforce for child care Services
  • everybody who cares for children must have adequate period of training, a sound knowledge of the subject-matter and be proficient
  • community – based care is best delivered by a competent team of providers where the paediatrician should have a coordinating role with public health, social care and education
  • children and adolescents should receive services with the best obtainable quality and not merely average, affordable services, because they are our future!


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The European Confederation for Primary Care Paediatricians has adopted and adapted the Global Pediatric Curriculum for primary care residency training in Europe.

Toma de decisiones clínicas basadas en pruebas científicas

ECPCP fully endorses the following latest declaration of ISSOP (International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health) on the rights, health and well-being of children and youth on the move, signed in Budapest in October 2017.

We began discussing the feasibility of global standards for training and assessment. If this were possible, through collaboration with the global pediatric community, the outcome could be a dramatic improvement in the quality of care we provide to the world's children.