2011 ECPCP Symposium presentations

Vilnius, Lithuania, May 19-21, 2011

3rd Paralell Symposiums' Session

  1. Paediatric primary care in Europe: EAP survey
    Diego van Esso, SP        
  2. Paediatric primary care in Europe: UNEPSA EPA survey
    Jochen Ehrich, GE        
  3. Primary health care for children among the ECPCP members
    Yona Amitai, IL        
  4. Systematic comparison between primary care delivered by paediatricians or family physicians: Molise experience
    Alfred Tenore, IT        
  5. Systematic comparison between primary care delivered by paediatricians vs. family physicians: Hungarian experience(speech)
    Ferenc Kadar, Mihaly Kalman, Laszlo Paksy, Andras Paksy, HU

4rd Paralell Symposiums' Session

  1. Paediatric quality
    Gottfried Huss, GE        
  2. Research in primary care paediatric ambulatory settings in Europe
    Stefano del Torso, IT        
  3. Raising funds for research in primary care paediatrics in Europe: threats and opportunities
    Johan Robberecht, FR        
  4. European networking with web sites for paediatricians and parents
    Sean Monks, GE, Peter Altorjai, HU        
  5. The role of simulation medicine for the training of primary care paediatrician treating critically ill children
    Luis Sanchez Santos, SP        
  6. State of the art in asthma treatment and adherence of European paediatricians to the Guidelines
    Marie-Noelle Robberecht, FR        
  7. Current status of obesity treatment and prevention in primary paediatric clinic: more questions and answers
    Zachi Grossman, IL        
  8. Developmental delay in children: Advocacy fordeisadvanteged children by the primary care paediatrician(speech)
    Ulrich Fegeler, GE


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The European Confederation for Primary Care Paediatricians has adopted and adapted the Global Pediatric Curriculum for primary care residency training in Europe.

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ECPCP fully endorses the following latest declaration of ISSOP (International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health) on the rights, health and well-being of children and youth on the move, signed in Budapest in October 2017.

We began discussing the feasibility of global standards for training and assessment. If this were possible, through collaboration with the global pediatric community, the outcome could be a dramatic improvement in the quality of care we provide to the world's children.